Friday, July 10, 2015

Daydreaming in July

I recently bought the new Cuddeback camera, and per usual I am not disappointed with it.  I was going to go with another brand but you just cant beat the quarter sec trigger speed...when the camera goes off, I want a deer centered in the picture and more times than not that is what I get. I was also excited because this camera has time lapse mode and I had just the place in mind for it.  I've been daydreaming of a few monarch's feeding during an orange sunset.  I haven't quite gotten such a picture, but I know if I leave the camera out there long enough, I will get one.  For now I will keep daydreaming of the boys of summer.
Probably some good ones, too far away and not enough growth to confirm
Sometimes the dreams turn into reality. Photo of my Dad's 2014 buck

While searching through my parents camera chip for random pictures worthy of keeping, I found the above picture.  It pretty much sums up gun hunting.  I'll let your mind wander from here...

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