Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Suns out Cameras out

A recent trip back to SW Wisconsin included me bumming in the woods and trout fishing. My Dad and I managed to move a ladder stand to a hopeful location, while my brother promised rain would stop and trout would bite. It was true, the trout did bite.  We sat around the house for an hour or so eating breakfast and sipping warm drinks waiting for the hard mist to subside, Luke (without reading a weather update) was convinced it would end soon.  It did end, but I'm not sure how he predicted it, I suppose when you spend enough time fishing like he does you just kind of have a dog's sense of weather patterns. So we finally made it out and had a great day with our Dad.

Fishing was fun but I was extremely excited for trail camera season.  Although it's very early, I just had to get a few Cuddeback's out.  By late June mature bucks' racks will be exploding so I will definitely need to do battery checks in a few weeks before leaving them all summer.
Entry to a ravine head leading to a field...prime trail camera location for year round pictures

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