Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weekend in God's country

God created all country, but I believe Southwest Wisconsin's canvas received a little more attention from the maker.  While wandering through a trout stream with my brother on Saturday afternoon, we both agreed Richland County is a sportsman's paradise.  See evidence below...
A few familiar faces survived the winter
After covering several hundred acres of land in search of sheds, it was time to snatch a trout rod and head to the stream where I learned how to fish (although an unfamiliar section).

I told my brother I would be happy if I only fished trout streams the rest of my life.  He replied "nah, you'd get sick of only trout fishing."  While it's possible I was exaggerating, I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if all outings yielded nine landings like Saturday did.

Focused stroke, firm fish and fun times
Views that make a man rich

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