Thursday, February 19, 2015

Connecting The Dots

My Dad is a self proclaimed minimalist when it comes to technology, especially when it comes to combining technology and deer hunting.  He heads to the woods with nothing more than his bow and the occasional thermos of coffee.  In a lot of ways I agree technology can drown out some of the natural experiences of a deer hunt.  I find myself mindlessly sifting through apps on my phone while on stand quite often.

However, using technology prior to hunts can be really helpful in terms of predicting deer movement.  Using topographical maps and aerial photos have helped me think about where deer might be at a given time.  These maps have also help me understand why I saw a deer in a specific area.  This summer, I plan to print multiple Google Earth images of properties I hunt and start marking where I have those buck sightings, and hopefully start connecting some dots to pattern and intercept certain deer.

Aerial photo of the home farm. Nice bucks taken, but have yet to master this piece of land.
 Once I acquire multiple photos of a deer I want to harvest, it'll be time to predict bedding areas and move in for the kill.  But first, I need some more trail cameras...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Filling the Freezer

After harvesting a deer, running out of freezer space and getting sick of store bought meat, my wife and I decided to buy a chest freezer.  Growing up, I was really spoiled to have the option to buy meat from my Uncle, who's farm was right down the road.  When I moved to the Green Bay area I quickly realized getting meat from the farm wasn't so easy, and we were forced to buy store bought meat.  To be honest, there is no comparison. The venison sausage isn't bad either...