Friday, January 23, 2015

Don't sleep in November 1

A couple nice bucks I missed out on. This is a property I hunted quite hard early in the season.  I decided to sleep in on November 1st.  I set my alarm, but woke up to a persistent west wind, which would blow my scent to a nearby river bottom where I had predicted deer would come.  I was very particular all season long about wind direction, it turn outs I should've just hunted anyway.  Of course, then there is no guarantee I would've seen them.  All I know is, I would have loved to release an arrow on one of these two boys.  On this property, I saw four deer on stand (all does) up until late November, it was quite depressing. Besides these two bucks, I had three other bucks pass through on sweet November.  When action has been slow, its easy to convince yourself to stay home because you 'guarantee' it'll be slow again...well, there are no guarantees in bow-hunting, and it's a major reason I find myself heading back to my stand.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Late-season survey

I had a trail camera recently pulled at a property I hunt and was pleasantly surprised by buck movement in the absence of a large food source.  Neighboring properties have some picked corn but other than corn the only major attraction is thick cover and steep hillsides receiving lots of sunshine.  Knowing deer use easy travel routes when snow falls, I figured this was a perfect location for a camera.  This ten point seemed to agree...

Another solid buck from the survey

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's a brutal world

This is a picture from a buck I had to finish off this past November.  As you can see he didn't have much of a right side, this proved to be deadly for him.  I'm sure the right side grew in weird due to a previous injury. As I was out the door for church on the last day of my hunting trip, my parents' neighbor knocked and asked if I have an archery license.  I replied yes, and asked him what was going on.  He told me there was a buck in his backyard that appeared to be sick, so long story short I had to strap on my boots and grab my bow to finish off this buck that was badly hurt from a fight.  The buck had scratches on his back and an unprotected right eye which had almost been bulged out. As he laid there in an open field, head tucked in his belly riving in pain, I couldn't help but think how brutal the whitetails world can be. As a sportsman, I was sure glad I could end his misery.