Friday, December 26, 2014

November Bucks

This post is way too late but I definitely needed to get it up.  I shot this buck Nov. 2. The first night of my eight day hunting vacation. As a matter of fact, I only had to be on stand for an hour before a whole parade of deer came down off the ridge grunting and chasing all the way to within range. It was the hunt of a lifetime so far...this guy had a serious attitude and certainly was not going to back down...Glad I got him but man it would've been cool to see another three or four year old pass through because it would have been a showdown for the hot doe. 

My smile says it all

This years rut was absolutely crazy the first week of November.  I had trail cameras in different spots around the state and there was a boatload of daylight movement Nov. 1 through the 8th.
Got off easy, I was eating lunch at Grandmas

Dad's bow buck, a fighter too

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