Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting Close

As the season nears, I can't help but run a mental checklist through my head every so often.  Today I ran to the store to pick up a few necessities and also a 'want' item.  The "I want' item was something I believe will clear up space in my pack and create less noise and movement while on stand.  I've always had a hard time carrying and storing shed antlers that are used for rattling.  They always seem to bang together at all the wrong times no matter how hard you try to keep quiet.  I found it especially difficult to handle real antlers while pulling them off bow hangers, and making the transition to both hands.  The few times a hunter actually rattles in a buck, (the success rates of rattling in deer are relatively small) the hunter must make a seamless transition with the antlers in order to hang them so they don't fall twenty feet to the ground.  The chances of getting them hung or put in a pack without banging them against metal or something else is a risk I'm no longer willing to take.  I want something that will be simple to keep close and silent when need be.  It's a cheesy name but the 'Heavy Horns' bag from Hunters Specialties looks to be right on.  Easy to use, simple to store or hang, and they produce a sound I feel is realistic enough to get deer engaged in what they hear, which is all hunters can ask for when calling.  Combined with Hunters Specialties' excellent (loud) grunt call, I'm excited to see if the Heavy Horns create realistic situations to reel in heavily pressured whitetails.