Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rake 'em in

Outdoor publications are full of tips and tricks coming from expert hunters who have purposely used those tips to lure in deer.  Last fall, I was trying to use one of those tips in order to quietly approach a stand that is difficult to reach without busting deer, and discovered something else.  I raked the last sixty yards to my stand hoping this would silence my approach to the hang-on which is pinched between bedding and feeding areas.  It not only silenced my approach, the deer found it quite helpful for them as well.  It isn't too surprising actually.  Deer are very curious and the exposed dirt spurred their curiosity for whatever reason.  Possibly because of the smell, but also I think they prefer not to be too loud for obvious reasons.  So, for this upcoming season, come mid-October, I will be raking paths not only for me, but for deer.  I believe this will be a great strategy to re-direct deer traffic to areas where I want them to be.  This will especially deadly when the path I rake leads to a natural or mock scrape. 

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